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Kid DIY Picnic Table

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Having a DIY picnic table plans typically consists of three basic steps. They are assembling, constructing, and also finishing. Actually, picnic tables are easy to build, so that’s why many people build them to be used for picnics and also for outdoor parties and fun barbecues which you can spend the good time with your family. One of the good materials to build a picnic table is red cedar. It’s just because red cedar is a kind of wood which is durable and also beautiful. Therefore, it’s suitable to be used to build a picnic table. So, just consider including it into your considerations when choosing the perfect materials for your DIY picnic table later then.

Octagonal DIY Picnic Table

Well, let’s get down to the first step which is assembling. You need to cut five top slats wood measuring 2 inches x 6 inches x 60 inches, four legs measuring 2 inches x 4 inches x 30 inches, two cleats measuring 2 inches x 4 inches x 27 inches and also two braces measuring 2 inches x 4 inches x 30 inches. After you have prepared all of those materials I’ve mentioned before, then you may begin to prepare some other things you need including some nuts, washers, and also six sets of machine bolts along with one pound of deck screws. Next, you may start building the DIY picnic table once you collect all of these required materials.

For the constructing process, just start by laying the cut slats on a clean surface and you may also need a quarter-inch spacers for separating the slats. Ensure that they are square when you separate the slats from each other. Next, clamp all the slats together and then take a cleat and put it on the edge for about 7 inches from each end of the top slats. Well, there are some more instructions of DIY picnic table to do. Just keep browsing then.

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