Ridge Vent Installation

Ridge Vent Installation Dark Blue Colour Painted

Ridge Vent Installation See The Ornaments

What is one of the attractive and effective ways to vent a roof? The best answer may be the ridge vent. This ridge vent comes in two types/ varieties which are the corrugated plastic vent which has been designed to be covered by the asphalt shingles, and the other one is the metal vent which needs no additional covering at all. The metal vent comes in pre-cut lengths while the plastic one available in both pre-cut lengths and rolls as well. There’s cut-slot available inside the roof sheathing. Meanwhile, over the slot the vent is nailed properly on its place. Here below are the instructions of ridge vent installation. Keep reading for details.

1. Get the ridge shingles removed if you are getting the vent installed on an existing roof.

2. Get it measured about 1 inch down from the roof peak, on each side using the measuring tape. Get a line snapped using the chalk line from end to end. If there is a ridge beam on the roof, get it measured 1¼ inch from the roof peak.

3. Next step, by using circular saw, you can try to cut over the line. But you must stop in 6 inches from each gable. Get your cut deep enough to cut through the sheathing of the roof, without getting the roof framing cut. You must get all the waste material are removed.

4. Get the ridge vent bent over the roof peak and then get it nailed in place using the roofing nails. Get one nail put on each side, at each end, and then set it spaced about 2 feet along the vent length. Get the vent cut into the length with utility knife.

5. Get the existing foam plugs are placed at the ends of the gable. And then next step is you must get them nailed properly in place using the roofing nails.’

6. Get the ridge vent covered using shingles as appropriate. It’s done! You’ve already installing the ridge vent on your roof.

20 Photos of the Ridge Vent Installation

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