Bronze Metal Ceiling Fan Rotation

How to Set up Ceiling Fan Rotation for Better Atmosphere of the Room

Ceiling fan is the way we save more money to create amazing atmosphere of the house. Air conditioning system might be a good idea, but stack of bill is the reason why people prefer ceiling fan. Yet, with more info on ceiling fan rotation, you do not need to worry about the temperature of the house for the whole seasons in year. What does it mean exactly? Do you know what […]

How to Change a Door Knob with Internal Parts

How to Change a Door Knob

Did you broke your door knob? It is okay, the door know is most likely need to be replaced one a while that is why you need to know how to change a door knob. You must remember that the door know has a hidden screws that you might not see with your naked eyes, you can use the flashlight to help you see the screws. It is not hard to do it; […]

Do It Yourself Roman Shades with Stripped

Do It Yourself Roman Shades

Ok people, today I will share to you information about do it yourself roman shades, I believe you already know about roman shade, another idea to increase your room appearance. Roman shade commonly placed on window section, and it’s quite easy to create one of those shades, I will show you how to create simple roman shade. Well, it’s not originally my invention; I obtain this brilliant method from wiki […]

Bathroom Layout Ideas With Ornamental Plants

How to Decide the Best Bathroom Layout Ideas

When it comes to design a bathroom layout, then there will be at least three essential features that every bathroom should has. Those three features are the important things that will become the considerations in deciding the bathroom layout ideas. Well, let’s get down to the three essential features of bathroom. First of all, a bathroom has to be spacious? Why is it so? It’s just because no one likes […]

Best Tips on Building a House

Tips on Building a House

Hey guys, do you get confused when they want to build a house? You do not know what to do first? Here we will give you some tips on building a house. Before you get started it all, make sure you have a place to build a house. You certainly can’t build a house if you do not have a place, right? You can design your own how will the […]

Install Toilet Flange Assembly

How to Install Toilet Flange

Toilet is a most important place that usually place with bathroom or separated, when we want to have our business. If we don’t have it at home, of course we will be confused coz we don’t know where should we dispose our needs. Ha! Then, when we design home, of course we should consider about toilet, how to install toilet flange. If we don’t consider this, perhaps we will get […]

How to Make Wood Tea Light Holders for Decorations with holder

How to Make Wood Tea Light Holders for Decorations

Decorating the house to make it much more appealing than the way it used to be is one of the most common kinds of goal the majority of people as the homeowners in the entire world are trying to get and yes, we are willing to do anything as long as that kind of goal is reachable within our hand. Yet, there are so many options available and one of […]

PEX Vs Copper Wall Installation

PEX Vs Copper

Most people do not know exactly the term of PEX pipe before or even worse, we never heard of it before. However, there is a moment when you have to know exactly its relationship with the copper pipe under your housing. You do not need to worry at all since you are just the same with any other people on the entire world who do not have an idea what […]

Kitchen Island Decoration with FAncy

Kitchen Island Decoration

Kitchen island, well, I still remember the first time I hear about kitchen island, I though it will be an island with so many kitchen and foods, but after I look for the real kitchen island fact, I finally realize that I’m wrong. Anyway, do you want to see another picture of kitchen island decoration? Well, on this weekly kitchen review, I’d like to give you latest pictures of Kitchen […]

Removing Lead Paint Kitchen

Simple Ideas for Removing Lead Paint

Some paint may don’t have enough resistance against natural weather and temperatures, yes, some pant ma become lead by the rains or the heat of the sun, lead paint is commonly caused natural phenomenon, and the bad paint quality can also become the main problem, not every paint brand have better quality and resistance, some color may faded during the time, some may lead of cracked, well that will bring […]

Reupholster Wingback Chair Cushion Black White Line

How to Reupholster a Wingback Chair

Reupholster a wingback chair can be an effective an inexpensive way to create a new look to your old wingback chair. How to reupholster a wingback chair is an easy way to be made as a DIY project instead of buying new wingback chair that will be expensive. Either you want to upgrade the out-of-date fabric or change the look of your wingback chair to complement the other decorations, this idea will […]