Decorative Door Knobs With Silver Color

How to Pick Decorative Door Knobs for Your Door

There are some decorative door knobs that would make the cabinets in your kitchen room look different and brighter. If you have plain white cabinets, maybe you are going to need colorful knobs to give more colors to your kitchen room. Decorative door knobs have been the trendiest items in home decoration. If you want to have some galaxies print to the door, it is maybe too much if you use it […]

Cute Cottage Kitchens for Small Space

How to Apply Cottage Kitchens Ideas

If you want to have the easiest kitchen decorating ever, then you should consider some of these cottage kitchens ideas. You know that simplicity will easily gained if you think about natural elements as the one and only material that should be used for decorating kitchen room. So this would be the first step that you should know, that cottage kitchens are available for you to be considered of the […]

Chairs Kitchen Chair Pads Table Marble

Chair Pads for Kitchen Chairs

Chair pad is not only an additional comfort for seating, but it can also be used to enhance the home decor since it comes in various designs and colors. Chair pads can be used for any chair in your home including the dining chairs. Chair pads for kitchen chairs are the same as for the other chairs, but it may be not formally chosen like for the pads in the living room. […]

Long Types of Window Treatments

Types of Window Treatments

Window treatment is an important part to decorate your home. Using window treatment like blind or curtains to treat your window will improve the look of your houses. When you have a beauty window treatment your room design will also affected. Window treatment is so possible to provide your room with aura that the design of the window treatment bring. The best design and pattern of the window treatment can […]

DIY Amazing Foyer Table Design

Create Your DIY Foyer Table Both More Useful and Trendy

The principle of a foyer is above well-designed. Yes, it does offer an area to take away coats and shoes, but those very fundamental points can become part of the worthless clutter that should not describe your foyer. In accumulation to presenting entry area expediency, the foyer table should be an initiation to the rest of the house; a sign to the technique and style of the homeowners and a […]

Master Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Master Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Window is part of the house that has vital function, with no window, there will be no good life. It carries in and out the air and also let the outside lights come in. It makes the room indoor brighter and the activity inside will be run well. Windows are placed in almost each room, as it function, every room needs fresh air and also enough light, so it can […]

Nice Dining Room Design Ideas Chair Rail

Dining Room Design Ideas Chair Rail

A details thing of the room will make more memorable, from the floor until the wall. It is important especially in areas of your room that often passed by your family, such as dining room, it is a space where family members, guests or friend have meals. So you have to add architectural details in your dining room. Dining room design ideas chair rail is probably a great way to […]

Master Fold Up Bar Stools

Fold Up Bar Stools

Do you have bar on your house, if you have, what is the kind of seating you used? Is it stools or the other seating, but this far, people feel comfort to use stools as bar seating idea, talking about stools this time I will share something about new type of bar stools, this one called fold up bar stools, well, you may already know from the title, fold, yes […]

Choosing the Best Paint for Antique Furniture Look with Black Knoob

Choosing the Best Paint for Antique Furniture Look

Do you like antique furniture? Well, I have interest with antique and old furniture, and I will share several secret about Paint for antique furniture. The idea of antique painting is how to create antique appearance by applying specific painting technique, and I’m sure regular painting technique is not enough. Try to look on the picture of distressed furniture below, the color and the style of the table can be […]

Costco Window Blinds Reviews with Brown

Costco Window Blinds Reviews

Currently Curtain, Blind, and Window Film used not just any window coverings. But it is also able to give the feel or accents in the interior of the room, or better known as Window Fashion. For that reason, the authors also suggest to choose Costco window blinds as the best choice to beautify and protect our beloved home window. In determining our choice of window coverings are often confused to […]

Deck Framing Guide with Common

Deck Framing Guide

Deck framing guide is needed when you want to build a deck. Some people need to build deck when they will that to add space of their home in order to look more wide and interesting. Sometimes they only have minimal budget to build a deck and they decide to build a deck by themselves. It is hard decision because it is not easy when you want to build a deck […]