How to Fix Bathtub Faucet Leak

Bathtub Faucet Leak, How To Repair It?

Do you know why does a bathtub faucet leak? Sometimes, it occurs because seals around the water inlets crack or break. May be it just a small problem at the beginning, but as days go by the leak can become stronger. So, don’t ignore it. What should you do if your bathtub faucet leak? Well, I think you should repair it as soon as possible to avoid the more serious damage. […]

Industrial Shelving Brackets With Wood Design

Industrial Shelving Brackets

Industrial shelving brackets are the thing that are useful in your home. The part of shelving brackets in the holds is adjustable. They can be hung on your walls because they have “keyhole” opening, and they are ornamented with a raised design that patented on January 30th, 1906. Using shelf bracket in your home will add the storage of the walls. This way is easy to do and inexpensive so […]

Elegant Do It Yourself Headboard

Simple Steps of Do It Yourself Headboard

Recently, headboards play as more than just a place to lean your head on, while sitting or reclining on your bed. Headboards are also taking part as important decoration of the bedroom. That’s why headboards are now coming in many styles. We can see those are attached to the bed and those are not. Besides those function only as a real headboard, we may find headboards which also function as […]

Tips on How to Decorate a Small Apartment

How to Decorate a Small Apartment

Just because your apartment have a small space or commonly like a box shape room it is does not mean that you cannot decorate it. However with a small space you will still can make your apartment into a well decorating design by using your creativity and inspired mind. And now I will tell you how to decorate a small apartment. So check it out guys! First you must know what will […]

Why You Should Have The Contemporary Tea Set with box

Why You Should Have the Contemporary Tea Set

The kitchen is the heart of the house. The kitchen is where everybody sits and spends the time doing something great and fun while enjoying the meal for the dinner. Because of that reason, most people should know how to decorate the kitchen and yet, there are so many options for such a matter including the use of the contemporary tea set. I am not going to use this very time […]

Hampton Door Storm Screen Closer Install

Door Storm Screen Closer Install

Today, almost every home with modern minimalist design applies the concept of door storm screen that is functionally used to enjoy outside view although there is storm outside. In addition to practical and efficient, it also gives the impression of clean and minimalism. This early time there is an invention of frame-less glass door. By no longer gives the frame, there are elements of considerable savings in development costs. It […]

How to Hang Christmas Lights Outside Nailing

How to Hang Christmas Lights Outside

Christmas lights is very important to be hang in your outdoor Christmas decorations so that you can display the decorations in your yard to your neighborhood. Yes, of course because there will be no decoration in your yard without lighting. So, knowing the way how to hang Christmas lights outside is very important for any homeowners. Here, you can get tips and steps to hang your Christmas lights. Since Christmas […]

How to Paint Wooden Adirondack Chairs with Partial

How to Paint Wooden Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are unique. They are quite vintage so that they can add more characters in a home décor. Wooden Adirondack chairs are usually used for outdoor. This is why Adirondack chairs will get fade in color and finish because of the outdoor weather. If you are having a wooden Adirondack chair that has been used in a quite long time, you will find it look uninteresting because the finish […]

Makeup Vanity Dressing Table with Brown Wall

Makeup Vanity Dressing Table

If you want to look for a piece of furniture to add a character and function into your bedroom, why you don’t try to add a well design of makeup vanity dressing table into your room. As this kind of table will provide a relaxing place  for your to sit and help you getting ready at the morning with all your personal items like face creams, hair style,  makeup and jewelry that stored in […]

Ceramic Tile That Looks like Wood Glazed Porcelain

Ceramic Tile That Looks like Wood

Having hardwood flooring inside your house will is surely worthy which it can bring both, style and elegance. It gives your place the feeling of nature as well as elegance. The materials can be made from any wood’s type, and different material will defines different price too. But the problem is that this flooring is surely expensive. And for those who really concern about keeping the environment well will also […]

Formal Dining Room Window Treatments with Glamour

Formal Dining Room Window Treatments

The dining room can be more important than the living room. In some specific time, the dining room is the best place to welcome guest because it is the main space for dinner party. That is why; making a great decoration of the dining room is a must. You can provide a lot of elements to improve the aesthetic value that will be delivered by the dining room. One thing […]